Parvo Outbreak Simulator

Greetings and welcome to the world's first online parvo outbreak simulator (to the best of our knowledge). Each time you come to the page, the simulator will generate a new group of dogs representing a fairly typical population at an open intake shelter in the United States. As in real life, finances, space for quarantine and number of spaces available at your friendly local rescue groups are limited. But don't worry - the simulator will always make sure there are enough spaces and sufficient funds for testing and treatment as long as you play the game correctly, and you earn back $50 in fees for every dog that gets to go up for adoption. To learn more about the simulator, risk assessment and outbreak management, review the Parvo Outbreak Simulator Guide at The Koret Shelter Medicine Program site.

When you arrive at work today (Monday, Oct 21), a shelter technician rushes up to you and tells you a dog in the adoption ward was diagnosed with parvo this morning. The dog had been in the shelter for 9 days, leading you to conclude that it most likely got infected during its shelter stay and that dogs in both the stray holding area and the adoption ward could have been exposed. Below is the census of dogs currently in these two wards. Fortunately, the staff at this shelter are very good about vaccinating immediately on intake, so it's safe to assume the "date arrived" is the same as the date of vaccination. Based on the information about each dog below, choose a testing strategy and outcome for each dog. The goal of the game is to stay within budget, avoid euthanasia, and not place for adoption or send to rescue any dogs with parvo. Once you've selected a testing plan and action for each dog, click "show correct actions" to see what the simulator thinks of your choices. Unlike real life, you can hit refresh and try this as many times as you like.

Money Rescue Quarantine
Money Spent Num Rescue Slots Num Quarantine Cages
Available Funds Used Rescue Slots Used Quarantine Cages

Patient Date Arrived Signalment Clinical Signs SNAP Test Antibody Titer Action Correct Action Animal Status
Case 1 10/9 Adult Healthy
Case 2 10/13 Adult Healthy
Case 3 10/12 Puppy GI Signs
Case 4 10/5 Adult Healthy
Case 5 10/4 Adult GI Signs
Case 6 10/14 Adult Healthy
Case 7 10/17 Adult Healthy
Case 8 10/2 Adult Healthy
Case 9 10/20 Adult Healthy
Case 10 10/7 Adult Healthy
Case 11 10/19 Puppy GI Signs
Case 12 10/3 Adult Healthy
Case 13 10/10 Adult Healthy
Case 14 10/16 Adult Healthy
Case 15 10/20 Adult Healthy
Case 16 10/5 Adult Healthy
Case 17 10/16 Adult Healthy
Case 18 10/18 Adult GI Signs
Case 19 10/7 Adult Healthy
Case 20 10/5 Adult Healthy